Quick Meal

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Quick Meal

Quick Meal

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I deliberated for a while what the first blog post should be… You know, something that wouls leave you wanting more…
Eventually I decided on a post with something for everyone. I hope you like it, and of course if there is anything you want yo ask, check, substitute, just leave a comment and I will respond asap.

So, do you ever have guests drop by on short notice? I get that a lot! A phone call around lunch saying: “Hey, we’re in the neighborhood tonight…” – and I’m at work, and there’s NADA in the house…

If you really like pampering your guests, and want it to seem like you put in a whole lotta work and effort, this is the post for you. You can cook this meal in under an hour (not including the shopping):

5-minute salad

Starter – Soy, garlic and ginger Salmon cubes

Entree – meatballs in tomato sauce

Side – Garlic mashed potatoes

Dessert – Decadent chocolate cake



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