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Improved GF Lafa (Flat) Bread

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2013-12-17 15.16.20_crop


5 cups (700 gr.) Tagmish Gluten-Free flour mix (or another all-purpose GF flour mix)
1 Tbsp. (12 gr.) dry yeast
1½ Tbsp. (30 gr.) honey or silan (date honey)
2½ Tbsp. (40 gr.) olive oil
1½ Tbsp. (22 gr.) salt
1 tsp. baking soda
3 cups (750 gr.) warm water
****For a regular version, simply use plain flour, and reduce the amount of water to 550-570 gr. of water, so that you get a soft, sticky but non-liquid dough.****


In a bowl knead all ingredients to form a soft dough.
Cover with plastic wrap and let rise for an hour.
Take a handful of the dough, add some flour and knead well, until you have a ball of dough that is no longer sticky.
Roll the ball into a thin (2mm thick) flat dough.
Cut perfect circles using a pot lid in the desired size.

2013-12-17 15.13.55

2013-12-17 14.57.43

Heat a wide, low-sided pot on high heat.
Place a circle of dough in the pot, wait 2 minutes and flip the dough.

2013-12-17 14.58.55

After an additional 2 minutes, remove the lafa from the pot.
Repeat the rest of the dough, stacking the lafa breads as you go.

2013-12-17 15.33.02