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Chocolate Balls

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Yummy chocolate balls in 10 minutes

Ingredients for ~24 balls

250 gr. chocolate petite beurre biscuits (or vanilla/plain, or you can prepare your own using my Rosie-beurre recipe).
90 gr. butter or goats-milk butter (or margarine for dairy-free/parve)
½ cup sugar
2 tbsp. favorite liquor (I use Brandy)
1/3 cup milk (or rice milk or coconut milk or non-dairy cream)
3½ tbsp. cocoa powder
Rainbow sprinkles/coconut flakes


Set a side an empty lidded box and a bowl with sprinkles/coconut flakes.
Melt the butter in your microwave. Add all ingredients (other than the biscuits) and mix well.
In your food processor grind the biscuits to a powder, add to butter-cocoa mixture and incorporate fully.
Using your hands work the mixture into round balls (for same-size balls, use a spring-release ice-cream scoop to measure amount).
Place each ball in the sprinkles/coconut flake bowl and roll gently until fully covered.
Keep refrigerated in the lidded-box you prepared. From experience, these rarely last beyond the day you make them… Yes, I am talking to you, glutton! 🙂