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Love, or: Why I use Tami flours

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When I first discovered all my food sensitivities, it felt a bit like the world had come to an end.
Years of time in the kitchen cooking, baking and experimenting came to a sudden halt. Everything suddenly felt difficult and complicated, if not impossible.

A good friend gifted me some gluten-free/dairy-free books to help me get back into the swing of things.
I also wandered the net looking for appropriate recipes.
I will not mention names and authors, but I will say that I had many serious disappointments that have caused me to avoid my kitchen for a while.


When searching for gluten-free recipes online, I came across a blog called Culinaria (Culinary + Healthy) ran by Tami Ben David. I tried several recipes with great results, and I finally got back to the kitchen a bit.
Through the blog I came to the “Culinaria” group on Facebook, in which Tami (whom I knew only by name) shared her recipes.
In the group, I became acquainted with Tami’s work, received advice and help, and began to dare again. I also purchased Tami’s excellent book.
However, mixing flour for each recipe individually was tiring and tedious, so that entering the kitchen was still a complete project that required mental preparation.


After a while, Tami started developing the first all-purpose Tami (orange) flour, and included me in the group of experimenters before we ever met.
I got the flour through another group member, Mari Ben-Harosh, who also received it to experiment with.
It was love at first sight! From the moment Tami flour went on the market, my kitchen experimentation and improvisation returned in full swing. I could now make any recipe I’ve always made in a 1:1 conversion.
When the Tagmish came out about a year later, the missing corner of yeast doughs and breads (and especially my beloved yeast cakes) was filled.
Since then a lot has happened: I’ve personally met Tami and found out she’s more magical than her flours, I dared to open my Facebook page and this blog.
In recent years I have learned a great deal from Tami, about baking, about food chemistry, but most of all about free love and giving.


So why am I telling you all this? For full disclosure.
Today (April 13, 2015), the new Tami Flour site has been launched, along with its the virtual store.


Regardless of all the above, I wholeheartedly recommend sincerely and without any hidden motives – read a little about the flour, try it out, and as I learned from Tami – I’m always here to direct and help.