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You’ll-Never-Know-It’s-Gluten-Free Bread

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Any words would be redundant here… If you have Celiac, or have simply given up on Gluten, and you miss the taste of wholesome, this is the bread for you!
Using this recipe you can either bake this bread in an over, or just drop everything into your breadmaker and wait for the magic to happen
The plain white bread is great for dipping into thick sauces, making french toast, swiping the lovely yolk of your eggs-suuny-side-up, or just spreading a little butter on top.
If you add the ground flax seeds, your bread will resemble whole wheat bread.

white breadinner tecture of a challah bread
לחם לבן בתנור


1¼ cups lukewarm water
½ tsp salt
1 tsp vegetable oil (Grape-seed/Sunflower-seed/Corn/Canola/Soy)
1 tsp Brandy (optional, but REALLY improves texture)
250 gr. Tagmish GF flour or Schar GF Bread Mix (or regular bread flour)
1 tsp sugar
5 gr. dry yeast (½ a packet of those included in Schar package)

optional: 1 tbsp flax seeds, ground (don’t buy packaged ground, if you have it ground for you, keep in the freezer). If already ground, use 2 tbsp.

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Another option, courtesy of My friend Mari Ben-Harush, who qa’d this recipe using 2 tbsp of ground california nuts, resulting in great success (and repeat performances weekly at her family’s demand).


Put the water, oil, salt and brandy (optional) into the breadmaker pan or a bowl (if oven baking).
Add the flour, and on top of it the sugar, yeast and any addition you choose to add (if any).

Oven Preparation

Knead the dough until cohesive.
Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and a towel, and place in warm, dry place for about an hour, until doubles in size.
Lift the dough as is, place on a baking sheet, and score top.
You can also place the baking sheet in a bread pan if you want same-size slices for sandwiches.
Let rise again in pan for approx. 30 minutes.
Bake on the rack at 190C/375F for ten minutes.
Reduce your oven heat to 170C/340F and continue baking for about 45 additional minutes until golden.

Breadmaker Preparation

Simply set to French mode (~3.5 hours, exact length and program name dependant on breadmaker make and model), and dark crust and press start.
Recommendation: After the second kneading round is done (about 20-30 minutes in), remove the kneading knife to avoid having to remove it from the baked bread and lose about ¼ of it to the gaping hole created 🙂

My GF white bread