The Blog, Me and Everything in Between

I’ve been thinking about setting up a blog documenting my food experiments and ensuing recipes for a while now… Food is my passion, and spending time in the kitchen creating yummy food is my favorite passtime!

I was almost there a few years back, when I found out my body doesn’t take kindly to certain types of food (Gluten, cow’s-milk, soy, peppers, eggplants, citrus fruit, yada yada yada).

So…. I took a couple of months to whine and feel sorry for myself. Then I got mad–I’m always at my best when I get mad–and started experimenting with substitutes. I can now make pretty much anything I used to make, within my limits.

This blog includes recipes I converted (with credit), or developed myself.

I take requests, and am happy to answer any questions about cooking and baking, and am honest enough to tell you straight when I don’t know the answer, and try to refer you to a source that does…

I hope you’ll join me on my journey.


  • adina

    Hi Rose! Thank you for creating this blog AND maintaining it in both Hebrew AND English! I love your recipes, and your style. And the fact that most of your recipes work for the dietary constraints in our home as well. (I have someone on only-whole-grain/very-little-sweetener-mostly-honey/no-cow’s-milk-dairy/only-olive-oil.) Thank you!!

    • Administrator

      Adina, thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate it! You are the first commenter, so I think you should win a prize, I’ll think of what it is 🙂
      Re. your household’s restrictions – if there is any recipe you like, but you need something substituted in, let me know and I’ll see if there is anything appropriate that gives the same results!